STP Global

Digital Assets and Blockchain Consulting

Understand the Potential & Benefits

Digital assets and blockchain technology have the potential to bring several benefits to financial services companies. Here are some of the main potential advantages.


The Company

STP Global is a digital assets and blockchain consulting company that assists clients in understanding the potential applications, benefits, risks, challenges and the impact on all the various divisions in your company associated with blockchain technology and digital assets.

Dirk Brouwer

Founder & CEO of STPGLOBAL

I have a passion for Blockchain Technology & Digital Assets. I am assisting various Local & Global Financial Markets Players to adopt the efficiencies and effectiveness of tokenization, immediate cross-border payments, smart contracts, digital asset custody, digital asset trading systems, KYC & AML monitoring for compliance & integration to existing LOB systems & Market Data for reporting.

I am an experienced and well-connected Investment Operations Consultant with more than 30 years of experience in systems and operations for Front, Middle & Back Offices for Investment Industry players in South Africa including Exchanges, Brokers, Banks, Custodians, Pension Funds, Intermediaries and Outsource Service Providers.


Core Services

Connecting Clients & Service Providers

We connect clients in the Financial Services Industry with relevant service providers and market players in the Digital Asset & Blockchain Industries – locally regionally and globally.

Use Cases or Business Cases

One of our specialties is the exploration and creation of Use Cases for and with your company and formalization of the Business Case documentation to table your projects appropriately inhouse.

Business Analysis & Project Management

Detailed business analysis across all relevant departments to cover the End to End (ETE) process is vital before the project(s) kick off. Project management “in the middle” between Clients and Service providers is a unique service that we offer, on top of the normal PM service on either side.

Digital Custody & Cross Border Payment

Digital Asset Custody is the foundation to a successful roll-out of a digital asset strategy. It’s essential to get this right from the start. The technologies and system architecture is very different from the traditional custody solutions known and in place today. Cross-border payments facilitated by blockchain technology offer numerous benefits compared to traditional banking systems including speed, cost savings & efficiency.

Understanding Digital Asset Types

Digital assets on the blockchain are digital representations of value or contractual rights, secured by cryptography, and managed on a distributed ledger system. They can encompass a wide range of financial and non-financial assets, including but not limited to cryptocurrencies, tokens, digital securities, and digital collectibles. Digital assets can be easily traded or transferred peer-to-peer, without the need for typical intermediaries, making the process more efficient.

Regulatory Frameworks & License Requirements

Regulatory frameworks for digital assets and cryptocurrencies vary considerably from country to country and are continually evolving. Regulations can have a significant impact on the use and development of digital assets and cryptocurrencies in each jurisdiction. As such, they’re a key area to watch for anyone interested in the blockchain and crypto space

Training on Blockchain, DLT & Digital Assets

For all stakeholders, including developers, entrepreneurs, regulators, investors, and everyday users, education and training about digital assets and blockchain are essential for safe and effective participation in this rapidly evolving field. We will launch various training courses and modules soon to assist clients to be educated from C-Suite level to ground level across all applicable departments and divisions.