STP Global

Digital Assets and Blockchain Consulting

Understand the Potential & Benefits

Digital assets and blockchain technology have the potential to bring several benefits to financial services companies. Here are some of the main potential advantages.


The Company

STP Global is a digital assets and blockchain consulting company that assists clients in understanding the potential applications, benefits, risks, challenges and the impact on all the various divisions in your company associated with blockchain technology and digital assets.

Dirk Brouwer

Founder & CEO of STPGLOBAL

I have a passion for Blockchain Technology & Digital Assets. I am assisting various Local & Global Financial Markets Players to adopt the efficiencies and effectiveness of tokenization, immediate cross-border payments, smart contracts, digital asset custody, digital asset trading systems, KYC & AML monitoring for compliance & integration to existing LOB systems & Market Data for reporting.

I am an experienced and well-connected Investment Operations Consultant with more than 30 years of experience in systems and operations for Front, Middle & Back Offices for Investment Industry players in South Africa including Exchanges, Brokers, Banks, Custodians, Pension Funds, Intermediaries and Outsource Service Providers.


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